Harbingers of Magic Series

The Young Adult series of Science Fantasy novels I am currently writing is called The Harbingers of Magic.

A new technology has been discovered on Earth setting off a chain of events that will enable Magic to make its way to our planet along with our induction into a greater Universe and Government. Hundreds of individuals from across Earth are born with special powers and once they reach the age of 13 they are sent to The Foundry, a school of magic, on the planet Aeden. The Foundry resides within the Elden Tree, an ancient and powerful World Tree that took root on Aeden before Humanity existed. The Elden Tree is the source of the Chosen’s power and Aeden is the seat of the Foundational Intergalactic Government (FIG). The entire series follows the adventures of young Landen Schill, who hails from the small town of Les Bois, Idaho, as he learns how to use his new found powers and of the Chosen’s obligations in ushering Earth into a new age.

I’m currently revising the first book of Harbingers and started writing on the second. If you are interested in being an Alpha or Beta reader please contact me at Harbingersofmagic@gmail.com

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