The End of All Things (Old Man’s War Book 6)

I’ll get it figured out eventually how to post my reviews from goodreads to my blog but here it is copied and pasted over.

This was a really fun adventure back into the Old Man’s War universe. The first book will always be the best in the series for me, but hey ya never know there are more coming out one could impress the hell out of me still. This book follows a lot of the same threads and story lines that were in The Human Division and we get to hang out a bunch with Harry Wilson again, which is always good times. I was also very happy to see a lot of diplomatic haggling going on in this book, Intergalactic politics dealing with hundreds of other alien species is really quite interesting. Or maybe I’m just a Poli Sci nerd. Anyway this is probably my 3rd favorite Old Man’s War book. You keep on writing them Scalzi and I will keep on devouring them and giving you my monies.