Three Fer Thursday, errr I mean Friday!

I was planning on posting this yesterday, but I got drunk instead, so it’s Three Fer Friday!

So I’ve been slacking on my blogging lately, but not on my reading! Work has been ridiculously busy and I’m super lazy when I get home, I haven’t been writing on Harbingers lately but I have aspirations to finish it soon, I only have a few scenes left. I just finished up book number 20 of 2015, so far, but I’m five books behind on my blog so today I will be discussing; The Long Walk by Stephen King, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov. Fair warning there will potentially be spoilers for the three aforementioned books below.

I have been wanting to read The Wind Through the Keyhole, which is the latest novel in the Dark Tower Series, since I finished the series. I absolutely devoured it a few weeks ago and it was probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite Dark Tower novel, I’ll get to it in a blog soon, but to warm myself up I read SK’s The Long Walk. This novella was originally released under SK’s pseudonym Richard Bachman and unlike most SK novels I have read it started fast and didn’t let up for the entire book. This story is pretty much The Hunger Games before Katniss ever decided to pick up a bow and volunteer as tribute. In the near future the US is in a militaristic dystopian society where every year 100 young men volunteer to walk, starting somewhere in Maine, and not stop. If they do stop, be it from a cramp, heat, cold, or whatever they get three warnings and then they get their ticket. And by ticket I mean a bullet to the head. There is only one winner and they get pretty much whatever they want for the rest of their lives.

The most interesting aspect of The Long Walk was the relationships the boys form with each other, knowing that only one of them is going to survive and the rest of them are going to be dead sooner than later. I really enjoyed this book and even though the end seemed to come a little quickly for my liking, I highly recommend it.

Next up is American Gods, the first ever Neil Gaiman book I have read. This book started quickly and really grabbed my attention. I got super bored with it halfway through and found the ending to be very predictable but overall I enjoyed it and will definitely read more Gaiman. The plot of American Gods is kind of hard to describe, it involves a lot of mythology and all the characters are gods who have once been worshipped on Earth. There is also a gay sex scene with an Ifrit, so if you’re into that this book is definitely for you. Honestly my favorite part of the book was the very last chapter because the main character ends up in Reykjavik Iceland, and I was just there with my wife in March and it seemed like I had been to the place Gaiman describes, probably not but I still like to think so. I will probably check out Stardust by Gaiman soon because I really love the movie.

Finally the third book on my Three fer Thursday is Foundation and Empire by Asimov. I really can’t describe how much I love the Foundation Trilogy so far. Several chapters in this book are by far the best Science Fiction prose I have ever read. So much pop culture and just society in general has been influenced and shaped by these books. I must admit that I totally predicted the ending of the 2nd book but it’s probably because it’s been copied and repeated so many times trying to emulate Asimov that I’ve seen it a lot before. I constantly see Asimov on the lists of books you must read in your lifetime and I’m glad that I finally decided to pick them up myself.  I really look forward to reading the third book and additional Foundation novels that Asimov published, but as with most things in life I really enjoy, I’m trying to savor them as much as possible.

I still need to get posts up on The Wind Through The Keyhole and The Novice, I hope to blog more soon now that work will be slowing down a bit after my big drill yesterday which went off really well, and mayhap even a new job will be offered to me here soon after I interviewed for a position at the nearby nuclear power plant a few months ago.