Friends Re-Watch: Season 1, Episode 4: “The One With George Stephanopoulos”

Episode 1×4 The One With George Stephanopoulos

Ross, upset about it being the anniversary of his first time with Carol, goes to a hockey game with Chandler and Joey and gets a puck in the face; they end up at the hospital, where Ross reveals that Carol is the only woman he’s even been intimate with. Rachel gets a visit from her old friends, which depresses her about her life. The women have a slumber party, which isn’t very fun until they spy on George Stephanopoulos.


Overall thoughts:  Opening joke (pun on omnipotent/impotent) sets up that the theme of this episode will probably be about sex. Phoebe talking about her grandmother’s new boyfriend. Oooh, hockey game! The anniversary of the first time Ross and Carol had sex. Joey and Chandler trying to boost him up, aww.  Rachel finally confronts the consequences of her decision to leave Barry, and there’s some pretty juicy character development here. I really want some Tikki Death Punch, haha.  What’s George S. like in bed…. transitions to what “the guys” are like. Joey (kiddie ride at the park, put a quarter in and he just goes LOL). Chandler, mixed opinions, with Monica giving him more credit. Ross… Rachel gets lost in imagining him in bed. Hmm.  😉

The comedic flow of “Friends” really gets rolling in this episode.  The cast seems much more comfortable together as a group. Joey in particular felt much less stilted. I absolutely loved Jennifer Aniston’s acting in this episode. She brought a whole different layer to Rachel’s character. On the rewatch, this is the first episode that really hit that sweet spot between humor and the specific hardships of its 20-something cast that made/makes this show so relatable… and timeless.

Best joke:

“What if we don’t get magic beans? What if all we get are… beans?”

Grade:  A


Overall thoughts: Oh snap this is the episode where Ross gets hit in the face with a puck, I love this one, but Ross is freaking insufferable with the Carol whining. I think I sense a theme here with Ross being whiny. And there is a pack of Woo girls, HIMYM totally took a play on that for their show. I’m glad Rachel ditches her old friends they seriously suck, they kind of remind me of the women from Sex in the City. Sleep overs with Phoebe seem hilarious, especially since she rocks a onesy all night.

So many cameos from actors that I have seen in other stuff but can’t remember their name. Their balcony is so freaking awesome, much better than the HIMYM one where you have to climb out on the fire escape to get to it, I do really like the Chinese lantern outside I never really noticed it before. They like to play board games a lot, I’m also very pro board game. I was very glad to see some character development this episode, Ross is obviously having a tough time and Rachel is as well. Hmmmm they are probably setting that up for their kiss, which I think happens soon.

Best joke: “I think I’m just going to go home and think about my wife and her lesbian lover.” – Ross

“Forget hockey, lets all go home and do that” – Joey

hahahha I actually lol’d at this.

Grade: B+

Another solid first season episode, this is one that I remembered from Ross getting a puck to the face, it was still pretty damn funny on the rewatch.

3 thoughts on “Friends Re-Watch: Season 1, Episode 4: “The One With George Stephanopoulos”

  1. jdamskov says:

    Is this the one with the annoying ER clerk who is eating the Snickers bar and isn’t “completely satisfied”?

  2. Joe says:

    Yup the ER clerk was in this one and I was very happy when the puck ended up hitting her in the face.

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