The Testing Cycle book two: Independent Study, The King Killer Chronicles book one: The Name of the Wind, and NanoWrimo

You can find my post on the first book of the testing cycle here. These books are nice short reads in the YA genre set in a dystopian future a la Hunger Games, but they are different enough that I still have enjoyed them. The 2nd in The Testing Cycle is called Independent Study, though after reading the book I couldn’t quite figure out why. The 2nd book in the series was not as good as the first but still held my attention enough that I want to find out what happens to end the series. From talking with friends and co-workers who have read Hunger Games and other dystopian YA novel series everyone’s favorite book is always the first and they usually end up not liking how the author ends the series. I will be finding out if that trend holds true for The Testing Cycle.
Cia, the main character of The Testing Cycle series, is now settling into her routine at the University. Her memories from what exactly happened in the first book have been erased but there is a recording she has hidden for herself that gives all the grisly details of just how cut throat and murderous the Testing really was. She doesn’t want to believe what her own voice is telling her but after being assigned a specific field of study she witnesses another student being “re-assigned” from the University and she finally comes face to face with the truth. Cia’s field of study that she is forced to enter is Government, which was not even close to her first choice. There are of course more Tests to initiate the new students, because you know it’s the Testing. Crazy adventure, betrayal and ultimately triumph ensue but the leaders of the Testing seem to know something is up with her. The rebel sub-plot that was in the first book is explained more fully but it is still pretty confusing as to what exactly is happening and who can be trusted. That is probably the point though. I look forward to finding out what happens in book three and I hope to not be disappointed.
After finishing up book two of the testing cycle I grabbed several books that I have been wanting to read; Foundation and Empire, Dune, and The Name of the Wind. I end up deciding on a good ol’ fashion re-read of The Name of the Wind. I have said this before on my blog but if you haven’t read The Name of the Wind yet I feel sorry for you. My co-worker calls Rothfuss the Tolkein of our generation and I find it hard to disagree with his assessment. I could write a couple thousand words on all the different aspects of The Name of the Wind and why I like it so much but I won’t bore you with all that. There is an excellent re-read of the series by Jo Walton at that does the series much more justice that I ever could, it can be found here.
Rothfuss has a new novella out next week that is an adventure with Auri, the mysterious girl who lives in the Underthing below the University. He is doing a book tour for its release and I have tickets and a signed copy of the book waiting for me in Seattle. The 30th cannot come soon enough. I absolutely devoured Name of the Wind on the re-read; it only took me a little over a week to finish the book, which for me lately is a record. Currently I am almost halfway through The Wise Man’s Fear, the 2nd book of the Kingkiller Chronicles and with the weather forecast being lots of rain I should be able to finish it up this weekend.
NanoWrimo starts November 1st and I am looking forward to getting as much writing done as humanly possible in a month, hopefully finishing up book one of my Harbingers series. I have an itch to get revision started but I have to finish the rough draft of the book first. This year I am going to try and be a little more social with Nano and go to some meet ups and attend some write-ins. There is a local group here in the Tri-Cities for Nano and my wife and I need to get out of the house and try to make friends anyway so this will be a good excuse to do so. If you are also doing Nano this year feel free to friend me my username is Jobi-Wan.