A Song of Ice and Fire Book 3 – A Storm of Swords and Michael Crichton Experience Update

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more… Game of Thrones!!! I seriously can’t get enough GOT lately and just as a heads up this post will have spoilers for at least books 1-3 of A Song of Ice and Fire.

A Storm of Swords is easily my favorite book of the series so far and even though I plan on taking a break from the world of Westeros now that I have finished book 3, to focus on Crichton for a while, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the world that George R. R. Martin has created. As my wife most brilliantly said after finishing the first book “Who the fuck kills off the main character at the end of the first book, this guy has balls.” George R. R. Martin that’s fucking who. I don’t know if he is demented or what but more characters die in game of Thrones than any other series of books I can think of. When it comes to deaths in the third book there were actually quite a few that I found extremely satisfying. Joffrey, Tywin, and The Mountain come to mind, although The Mountain isn’t technically dead yet but dying from Oberonn’s poisoned spear and I am pretty sure he won’t survive. What a fight scene for Tyrion’s life after he is done with his father’s shit and demands trial by combat! I hope the show does it justice, we just finished season 3 and the wife and I are very much looking forward to season 4 which covers the rest of book 3. Then Tyrion getting his revenge on Tywin while he was in the privy was pretty epic, I liked that Martin confirmed that Tywin Lannister in fact does not shit gold, I laughed out loud during that part.

Tyrion is still my favorite character in the books and for how much I hated the Lannister’s in the first book they have grown on me some since, well Jaime and Tyrion at least. The Jaime chapters in book 3 were my favorite followed closely by John. Speaking of John the most impactful death for me in book 3 was Igret. I thought the scene when John finds her, after defending the wall from the wildling attack party that he had just escaped from after they scaled the wall, was probably my favorite scene in the books so far. My wife and I don’t really care about spoilers because it is pretty much impossible to avoid them at this point and when I was describing Igret’s death scene to her it made me choke up a little, I thought the writing was just amazing. Some other big hitters from book three that come to mind as I write this post are: Zombie Catelyn, the red and purple weddings, fuck the Frey’s, where the hell is Arya going, Littlefinger is the most devious and plotting character of all time, I’m glad Lysa Arryn is dead too bad her kid didn’t see her fly, and Stannis at the wall! There is seriously so much going on in this book I could write about it for days but I’m not George R. R. Martin, my recommendation is if you haven’t checked out Game of Thrones yet, do so it is awesome.

The wife and I are heading to Hawaii next week and I could not be more excited. I hope to get the Michael Crichton Experience timeline updated before then because I got a hold of all the mystery novels that he wrote under a pseudonym, John Lange, when they re-released them in paperback recently. I plan on doing at least some reading on the beach and a Crichton mystery novel sounds like prime beach reading material. I have also been working on my novel again, which feels awesome, and I plan on doing Camp NanoWrimo in July to get another 50k words and get closer to finishing the draft of book 1 and start revision sooner than later. I fly out to Vegas tonight for the weekend to hang out with my best friend and his wife, who I have also known forever, and see their new baby. Life is good.