The Testing, MCE update, and Video Games

I was reading through one of my favorite sci-fi and fantasy websites,, recently and I came across a short story prequel to an upcoming novel called The Testing. It was called The Testing Guide and it can be found at the hyperlink provided. It is a post apocalyptic world where Humans are trying to make their way back after we basically destroyed the entire planet in a giant horrible war, very Hunger Games esque. I really liked the short story so when they released an excerpt from The Testing itself, I ate that up as well and decided I had to pick up this book at some point. I really enjoyed The Hunger Games and this seemed similar but not so alike that it would be lame. I forgot about it for a while and then when my wife and I were perusing Barnes and Noble after chowing down on some delicious Mexican food nearby, there it was in the sci-fi/fantasy section. I picked it up and devoured it as well, much like the first Hunger Games book, I found that I couldn’t really put it down and wanted to find out what happens next.  It isn’t a very long book and I won’t bore you with the plot details because you can just hit up the provided links and find out for yourself if it is something you might want to read.  I really enjoyed it, like I said before it was different enough from Hunger Games to keep my interested and if you liked the Hunger Games you will like this book as well. I look forward to more books in the series. Now onto other update!

I am on the 5th patient in Michael Crichton’s non-fiction 5 Patients, it isn’t a very long book but I haven’t been able to get into it, it is very technical and often very dry to read. It is interesting from the perspective of the current health care debate that is crippling our government at the moment, and as usual Crichton has seen what is current happening now way back in the 1970’s. I seriously think he might have been a little clairvoyant.  Another reason that I have been slacking on my MCE is that my 2nd to last semester started at University of Alaska Fairbanks. I decided, like a boss, to save all my math for the last year so I am currently getting my ass kicked nightly by Pre-Calculus and Accounting. It has been tough but I am started to get in the swing of things and I kind of amaze myself with how much I actually remember as far as math, it has been over a decade since I took a college math class and almost 14 years since I took it in high school, but I will definitely be passing these classes and I am starting to enjoy them in some sick and demented way.

Another excuse for not advancing the MCE is that I have been buying and playing a lot of video games lately! I just picked up WInd Waker HD for the Wii U last night and started it this morning, I never got into it on the gamecube and I look forward to finishing it on the Wii U, so far it is freaking awesome only about an hour in.  I also picked up GTA V and Diablo III for PS3 and I am enjoying the hell out of them as well. I plan on finishing 5 patients soon and getting a blog up for it and after I finish each of the video games I listed I will blog about those as well. I have also been listening to Game of Thrones on my treks to and from work, I will have to dedicate some time and blogging to that in the near future, I really enjoy the show and books so far. Now time to go do some accounting HW, oh joy…