Rothfuss, Rodrigo, and Richie

Taking a page from my friend Jim’s blog today with the title 😀

I ordered a signed copy of one of the best books I have read in recent memory, The Name of the Wind.  It is by a fantastic author, with a huge beard, named Patrick Rothfuss.  I have been planning a re-read of the two books he has released for quite some time and the copy that I have of the first book in the King Killer chronicles had 200 pages randomly bound completely backwards in the middle of the book.  I had started to tear them out, since it was a free copy I had won from in the 10 best sci-fi/fantasy books in the last decade contest, but I quickly realized that was a mistake and so just read the 200 pages backwards.  It was an odd experience but  a pretty unique one, I have never read a book backwards, from right to left, and probably never will again.  I understand a lot more about the whole world he has created for the books and what a lot of the things mean since reading the 2nd book and putting everything together.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first read of the book but there were a lot of little details I just glossed over because I wasn’t sure what they meant.  The extremely detailed re-read that was on,, also helped explain a lot of things to me, so I am very much looking forward to reading it again, and hopefully understanding more of what is happening.

I really enjoy collecting signed books and I am still kicking myself for not ordering the Stephen King 25th anniversary edition of IT that was signed by SK!!!  I thought it was too expensive so didn’t order it, then the next day Ellie says hey look there’s this awesome version of IT signed you should buy it, I got to buy it and BAM sold out in less than 24 hours.  Speaking of IT, I am officially over halfway through the book and it is an amazing read.  Ellie has been trying to get me to read IT for basically the entire time I have known her, she has slowly gotten me into Stephen King, and I have thoroughly enjoyed his works, but IT really stands out to me.  The story and how he writes it is just so good and so perfect it’s hard to describe without actually reading the book yourself.  The book has been pretty intense so far but I think it’s about to ramp up a notch.  I mentioned Richie in my blog title, referring to Richie Tozer, one of the main characters in IT.  At this point in the novel they are all back in Derry and roaming around experiencing hallucinations and threats from It.  They have all decided to roam around by themselves and have experienced weird little things, Richie is standing in front of the Paul Bunyon statue and something is going to happen I am not sure what but that is the precise place that I stopped reading last night.  I know the upcoming scene is going to be scary and crazy because Ellie has mentioned this scene to me many times before.  There is an actual Paul Bunyon statue in SK’s home town of Bangor Maine and when Ellie and I visited there, it was the first thing we stopped and took pictures in front of.  Just being near the statue in real life freaked Ellie out so I am very interested to see what happens in the pages I will be reading tonight.  Going to Bangor was a very cool experience even though I hadn’t read my first SK novel at that point, we want to go back and visit Maine sometime soon, and I hope we get to explore Bangor again.  We drove around the town and tried to find places we thought were in the movie version of IT, Ellie had a better idea of what things were since she had read IT and many other SK novels, we thing we might have even found the Barrens.  Maine was a place I would not be sad to live in, it was really one of the only places I have ever been where it felt like home.  It’s a hard feeling to describe but it felt like we could live there and it would be good.

Ellie in front of Paul Bunyon Statue

On Sundays Ellie and I like to do what we have dubbed “Low-Tech Sunday”  where we try to spend as much time away from the TV and computers and gadgetry and just hang out and read and enjoy each others company.  I got a couple hundred pages of IT read and lots of relaxing done, a nap even, but Sunday was a day we had been looking forward to because it was the Season 2 finale of The Borgias.  The Borgias is one of the best shows on television right now, in my opinion.  It is on Showtime and is very much adult oriented seeing as it has lots of sex and graphic violence.  It follows the exploits and papacy of Pope Alexander the VI, better known as the Borgia Pope.  It is fiction of course but it seems like a lot of the events that happen in the show are based on what really happened.  I have done some research on his papacy and it follows real life events pretty spot on.  Jeremy Irons plays Rodrigo Borgia and the cast of other main characters is basically his entire family, he has an ex-wife, a mistress, a daughter, and 3 sons.  I highly recommend it and the season 2 finale did not disappoint.  I can’t wait to find out what happens with the cliff hanger that happened and I am very much looking forward to Season 3, just not the waiting for it to start!  I have plenty of other shows to watch we are chugging our way through How I Met Your Mother and I also need to finish the last 2 episodes of The Walking Dead.

That’s all for now, A Bientot

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