The Michael Crichton Experience

I am starting a new project on my blog, I guess I could refer to it as my bloject, in which I will be reading the works of Michael Crichton.  I had been using his official website as a reference on how I was going to undertake my journey and I plan on doing it chronologically, but after a discussion with my friend Jim, who just came back to work this week after having a new baby, I found out that Crichton had published several books under a pseudonym.  I immediately decided that I must of course include these other books and writings in my new bloject.  But after some research and looking at the prices of some of these apparently rare to find books, I will not be paying over 100 dollars for some of these, one of them was even 325.  I will of course keep my eye out for these books and I will get Anne, my mother in law who volunteers at the library in Boise, to help me, but for now I will follow a more rigid path of his work that wont cost me thousands of dollars to complete.

On a side note my buddy Jim is doing his own bloject through the works of Stephen King and his website can be found here, 1 page at a time.

I am still finalizing the timeline for my readings and watching  so I will hopefully have that up on here by the end of the week.  I received the Andromeda Strain mini series and more recent movie in the mail today, and once I get the book and the older movie I will post a pic of the set.  I will hopefully be started on this project sooner than later, but first I must finish Stephen King’s IT, which is starting to get quite amazing.  Time to go read!

2 thoughts on “The Michael Crichton Experience

  1. jdamskov says:

    I cannot wait for you to start on this. Once you are up and going I will certainly share a link to it on my own blog.

    Keep on enjoying IT. I am very much looking forward to getting to that one myself 🙂

  2. […] Here you can find his first post explaining the project. […]

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