I know it has been a while since I have posted, but it’s only because I am extremely lazy and like to play video games and watch TV too much.  Ridiculous excuses I know but here I am with another post!  I have been 30 for almost a month and SURPRISE it’s pretty much the same as being in my 20’s.  I do have a much fancier briefcase that Ellie bought me for my bday, it has an iPad pocket, is leather, and made by Orvis.  I like it a lot it makes me feel very professional.  I made sure to take it to my interview that I had with Emergency Preparedness last week, hopefully it gives me an edge over the other applicants because it is so badass.  I might be switching out of Operations and getting back into the EP side of things, with my same company.  I should find out next week if I got the job or not, I am hoping I get the offer and it has a nice raise to go along with it, we shall see.

I have finished the Hunger Games trilogy and it was fantastic, I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick yet exciting read.  I read the first book in one day and then savored the last 2 a little more and spread out the reading over a few weeks.  I have started on Stephen King’s IT, which Ellie has been harassing me to read for about 5 years now, it is slow going so far but I should be able to get into it more very soon.  I will probably finish SK’s The Dark Tower series after that I only have 2 more books to go, and then get into some more fantasy stuff after that either Game of Thrones or the Eragon series of books.  I haven’t written much on my novel lately but I have still been writing down ideas and details quite a bit so that has kept my creative juices on the project going.  I want to read more fantasy and sci-fi before I start writing again, and when I start writing make myself do at least 1000 words a day until I have a rough draft done.

Our little pup Ember is not so little anymore, she turned 5 months old recently and is a joy to be around and watch grow up.  She is pretty much the smartest dog ever and is one of the cutest to boot.  We let her sleep on the bed last night for the first time and she did very well.  I think she can definitely be a bed dog since Cedar likes to crawl under the bed instead of sleep on it, Moss is just too big, and Scully snores like a chainsaw.  Having a bed dog would be nice I think especially if we can wrangle up a King size sometime soon.

Other interesting things that are going on in my life atm are I got accepted into Law School in Boise but will not be going.  Finished my online classes for the semester this week and I am glad to have the summer off, from here on out I will be taking summer courses to finish in 2014.  Started playing Softball with a team at work and ran a 15k at the end of March, my legs were sore for a week.  My best friends Bachelor Party and Wedding are quickly approaching.  We are hitting up Sunriver Oregon and my families vacation house for the Bachelor Party and the wedding is in Coeur d’Alene on the lake, going to be pretty epic.  Might even get a tattoo in Bend while we are there for the Bachelor Party.  My diet is still doing fairly well, didn’t quite make it under 200 pounds like I wanted before my Bday but I should be below 200 in time for the wedding, we are still rocking the Atkins and its going very well I just need to exercise more.  I will try to update this monthly, at a minimum, from now on so I don’t take 4 months in between posts.

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