I need to do some work on the blog still, but it is officially up and running!  I spent the day watching football and hanging out with the wife, it was a very relaxing way to spend a Sunday.  I am about to play some Old Republic but I wanted to stop in here first and get this first post going.

It is a littler over a week into 2012 and Ellie and I are still rocking the no drinking, we have saved probably about a hundred bucks from not buying alcohol and I have lost 4 pounds since the beginning of the year.  99 days until I turn 30 and my goal is to be below 200 pounds by then, sitting at 208 pounds currently.  I have been fairly consistent with rocking the elliptical and that makes me very happy, I hope to be in decent enough shape to go for some runs with Moss once spring hits.  I played a little game while watching football yesterday and today, I would do push-ups every time any points were scored.  I did 41 yesterday from the Cincinnati v Houston game and then 52 today from the Denver v Pittsburgh game.  I am very very sore, my core needs a lot of work but slow and steady wins the race.

In other news we found out yesterday the new addition we will be having to our family.  She is a tri-colored Border Collie and Ellie will be going to pick her up in a few weeks.  Ellie has dubbed our casa the House of Tri and I think it fits perfectly since all of our mongrels are black, white and brown (well technically Scully is Brindle but she still has all those colors).  It is my long work week this week but we are heading down to Sunriver with our friends Autumn and Jair for a little R & R next weekend so I am most definitely looking forward to that.  No Old Republic next weekend will suck so I guess its time to hit it hard right now, I will work on getting the blog more up to date this next week and hopefully post some more.

One thought on “First!!!!

  1. elementbcs says:

    Love the new blog, babe! It’ll be a fun project for you 🙂

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